MIcrofinance and Financial services

This category contains information about different grants , micro financial and other financial services  available to those people who want to start a small business of their own like salon,handicrafts or any agriculture based business etc.

The information's have been categorized according to different sectors as below :

A separate Grants page contains information about government initiatives and grants.

Agriculture has a dominant impact on the economy of Bhutan.Majority of the population still depend on agriculture for the livelihood.


Some agriculture activities like Establishment of Dairy Farm, Poultry Farm, Piggery and Fishery etc requires a license, you can visit the link below to know more:

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This page gives information about different financial grants that are available within the country to open a small to medium enterprise such as:

  • Salon, Handicrafts, Restaurants/Hotels, Tailoring, Cobbler, Medical, Scrub collection, Furniture making & bakery etc

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Bringing anything into Bhutan from another country for sale is called import and sending goods or services to any other country for sale is called export.

This page contains information that would be useful for those planning to start a import or export business.

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Manufacturing is the production of goods for sale using raw materials, labors and machines.

Manufacturing refers to a range from handicraft to large industrial productions. Manufacturing sector  has been acknowledged as central to economy and various financial institutes within the country have come up with different schemes to encourage the manufacturing sector in the country.

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This page contains information for banking through mobile devices offered by various financial institutes in collaboration with Bhutan Telecom.

 DrukPNB Mobile Banking Services

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Bhutan is known for its natural beauty and tourism in the country is a vibrant business with a high potential for growth and development

Financial institutes in the country acknowledge this fact and provide loans under tourism and services scheme to promote tourism and other services in the country.

Transport loan is available for those people who want to buy vehicles for commercial purpose, e.g. buying a taxi, or buying trucks for use in ones business.

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