Market Information for Agriculture Products

This section is basically the collective knowledge and information on market information for agriculture products of Bhutan.You will learn and be informed as you move on reading the whole page that follows.

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The agricultural products of Bhutan auctioned at different auction places have all types of products sold with the variation in prices. In Bhutan, we can get the information on the quantity of different products sold weekly,monthly or yearly along with their prices.The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives(DAMC) under Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry(MoAF) provides records of all the market wise price.

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The bulk production of Agriculture products especially the vegetables and fruits requires auction yards where business are being carried out. In Bhutan,many auction yards are located in various parts of Bhutan especially for farmers and businessmen. The auction yards found in Phuntsholing,Gelephu,Thimphu are considered to be the mostly visited  among others.

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Agricultural products comprising of all kinds of vegetables,fruits and cereals produced in Bhutan has varying prices in the market. And the market consists of both the local and the international market. The same agricultural products of Bhutan will have a different local market price and an international market price.


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The soil should have an analysis to check the fertility status and accordingly have the application of fertilizers.To have a proper nutrients balance in the soil, the type and amount of fertilizers to be applied in the field needs to be calculated carefully. 

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In Bhutan,chilli (ema in local language Dzongkha) is considered a special among all types of vegetables for home consumption and also for market sale production. Another type is tomato(Lambenda).

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Half of Bhutan's population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Cultivation of crops especially 'rice' which is the major staple crop accounts for 43% of total domestic cereal cultivation. Different types of practices of rice seed production are seen in Bhutan according to various altitudes.The rice seedling production practices in Bhutan uses various methodologies for different types of rice seeds.To get more on the methods used Click here for Details




In Bhutan the National Seed Center(NSC) and the Druk Seed Corporation(DSC) are the two leading agencies that manufacture ,import and export different types of seeds and fertilizers. The selling prices of various seed ranges as per the units sold.

download file to check reference price list as of 16th November 2012 by NSC.

download file to check reference price list as of 9th April 2010 by DSC.