This section is basically the collective knowledge and information on market information for agriculture products of Bhutan.You will learn and be informed as you move on reading the whole page that follows.

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This category contains information about different grants , micro financial and other financial services  available to those people who want to start a small business of their own like salon,handicrafts or any agriculture based business etc.

The information's have been categorized according to different sectors as below :

A separate Grants page contains information about government initiatives and grants.

Some of the recommended distance learning sites are listed categorizing different courses offer online.  Many of the courses are free of cost and you can obtain the certificate(s) based on your level of effort taken to complete the course.

This is a list of sites that frequently advertises job vacancies 

This is a list of sites that provide useful helps and tips on careers advancement.

This contains a list of sites that provide helpful resources on how to write effective resumes, official letters, proposals, motivation letters, etc.

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